Integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) and Netsuite

The market is a word that will for a long time give people trouble in describing. This is because the full scope of markets is ever changing. In the past markets would be known as a physical place where people met to exchange goods and services. But times are changing and so are markets.  The invention of communication technologies coupled with the birth of the internet completely redefined markets. This in turn gave rise to e commerce. At this age, with the current level of technological advancement consumers and retailers find each other rather easily on online platforms.

It has become crucial that a retailer finds an demandware ecommerce platform that brings them closer to their customers. This means investing in digital commerce. It makes considering that in the United States alone it is estimated that 77% of the population owns a Smartphone. The reliance on phones and computers for online communication has grown tremendously.

Retailers can then go a step further and create an environment where their systems of ecommerce are integrated to allow flow of information from their front end user systems to their back end operations systems. This results in a seamless exchange of data and incorporates customer tastes and preferences into their production.

The biggest goal of this kind of integration is to achieve a centralized demandware integration system of information. There is a holistic view of the customer. One is able to have access to the history of purchases made by a customer and incorporate this information when pitching a sale to them. The service team is also able to attend to customers and offer personalized attention to each client since they have information of what they prefer.

This systems integration also gives the retailer numerous sales channels to exploit. The retailer can incorporate a purchasing option in their front end system. By doing this they will have effectilvely created a point of sale and placed in the immediate hands of the customers. Clients are then able to purchase and make orders straight from their phones. This gives the customers the ultimate shopping experience since they have access to top class personalized attention wherever they are. The retailers will also feel confident when they know that they are able to tell what they clients are interested in and they are able to offer just that. This is all possible through the power of commerce cloud and proper systems integration.